I need a Spotify invite!

It seems Spotify launched a new developer website, including the “libspotify” C API package opening the way to write applications that utilize the Spotify music streaming service.  Now… that seems to be just what we’d need in our RAMA application for adding audio to the interface (clicking on an artist name starting an audio feed). Apparently  that’s what the people behind … Continue reading

George Tzanetakis MIR lecture in Porto

Today, George Tzanetakis is giving the last couple of lectures on MIR at the Catholic University here in Porto. Students will learn about MARSYAS.

Another paper

Monday, Luis Sarmento presented another of our recent research papers in the Workshop on Information Retrieval over Social Networks, at the European Conference on Information Retrieval, in Toulouse (yes, Toulouse!!!). The paper is about propagating tags from Wikipedia onto last.fm artists. Here goes the abstract: In this paper we tackle the problem of automatically assigning tags … Continue reading