RAMA in Lisbon

A few days ago, my very good friend and colleague Luís Sarmento, from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering in Porto went to Lisbon to present our work on “Visualising Networks of Music Artists with RAMA” in the International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies. The paper is about visualizing music … Continue reading

The best tool for project management?

I’m looking into different project management software to help me keeping track of the diverse projects I am involved in/leading. Ideally, I’d like it to have the following features: an issue tracking system (or “tickets”)  keep track of diverse categories of things: people, tasks, experiments, etc. wiki multiple users Source code management (at least SVN) … Continue reading

Funds for scientist mobility

I have just found out about a number of grants for fostering scientist mobility between Portugal and a number of other countries: Brazil, France, Algeria, Bulgaria, China (only for Social Sciences), Corea, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Greece, India, Ireland, Luxemburg, Mexico, Romenia, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany  and United Kingdom. (So far….) That doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

FCT funds?

Looking for funds (Fundo de Apoio à Comunidade Científica) from the FCT, both for the conference and the summer school.

wordpress looks pretty cool

well… I said it all in the title. Exploring the diverse features…